6 Reasons Why I Use Room+Linen Sprays
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6 Reasons Why I Use Room+Linen Sprays

  1. Room sprays make my home smell great. A fresh mist of wonderful product – such as This is how I Sunday " Samdi Matin" spray  makes my home smell amazing and adds a little boost to my day.
  2. Room sprays are an option, even in places that don’t allow candles. Let’s face it: although luxury scented candles are amazing products, they don’t belong everywhere. Many hotels and workplaces don’t allow them and the open flame of candles is just not safe around pets or small children. If I need to scent a room where candles aren’t allowed, a room spray is the perfect choice.
  3. Room sprays are great for freshening up. No matter how carefully I clean my home, there are times when my home needs an extra boost of scent. I may be stuck inside for days or may have made something a little smelly for dinner, but room sprays take care of it simply and quickly.
  4. Our travel size Room sprays are ultra portable. I can tuck a small bottle into my purse with me when I travel or commute, so that I can always add a burst of fragrance wherever I go.
  5. Room sprays are effortless. Even the finest candles require lighting and trimming the wick. Plus, you have to remember to blow out your candles each time you leave your home. Sprays are simple – you just squirt a wonderful fragrance into the air and forget about it.
  6. Room sprays are flexible. They allow you to add a little bit of scent or add a bigger dose of fragrance. It’s completely up to you. Plus, some room sprays – such as Jacmel Sunset – do double-duty as perfumes and room sprays, so that my home can smell as wonderful as I do.
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