How we are trying to be as green as possible.
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How we are trying to be as green as possible.

We know we can’t eliminate packaging completely, so we created our Go Green Program. We use high quality heavy bottom glass bottles and containers for most of our products and only recycled, recyclable, reusable or compostable materials for our shipping items.

Heavy glass bottom square bottles this is how i sunday


We also use Eco friendly packing tape from Sticker Mule.

sticker mule packing tape recyclable

It has been an absolute godsend. Super reinforced gummed paper tape is water-activated to securely seal our boxes. We have never had any misses or damages with this amazing tape.

If you regularly buy products in our signature clear heavy bottom bottles, hold on to your empty ones! Once your product has finished, email to return your empty containers. We will send you a shipping label and your 20% off discount code.

 When we receive the containers, they go through our closed-loop recycle and sanitation process. And our put back into our production cycle without any negative impact on the environment. 

We’re always looking for innovative ways to reduce our impact with packaging, and we'd love customer suggestions. 


Small Business Tip : If you need custom branded tape or labels before, sure to check out They have an incredible selection of stickers, poly mailer, waterproof labels and more.

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