Our Story

This Is How I Sunday was created out of
necessity for sanctuary and luxury.

Curated and Founded from a Black woman’s passion for everyone
across the spectrum to experience wellness and opulence!

Our founder, Sasha Revolus, is a first-generation Haitian American entrepreneur.  After the death of her beloved brother, she embarked on a journey of self-love, wellness, and a quest for peace.  On her spiritual journey, she unearthed a personal grounding of rituals she committed to practicing on Sundays.  Her self-care rituals reminded her of all the outpouring of love and legacy from her Haitian roots and ‘This Is How I Sunday’ was manifested from that love.

Scents can be healing.  They remind us of a time, place, and experience in our lives.  Most of our emotions are triggered by our sense of smell.  This Is How I Sunday, is reimagining what it means to feel at home, at peace; it’s okay to be a homebody!  

We’ve curated four unique scents for your home that will bring you comfort and trigger fond memories of pure bliss.   For centuries, pleasant aromas have been linked to enhancing our wellbeing and essential oils extracted from herbs and flowers have been proven to be medicinal.  Let us take you on a cultural adventure, where luxury is a lifestyle and nightgown glam is a requirement on a whole, new level.

Our scents are infused
with culture and love.

Tabak Ak Domino: was created as an ode to men in my life as a child.  I vividly remember my grandfather, father, and uncles always gathering, with the smell of cigars and Haitian rum flowing through our home, while they played dominos.  The air was filled with conversation, loud, boisterous laughs, and smoky cologne.  A permanent picture of stylish, beautiful black men is Tabak Ak Domino.


Jeremie: is the fragrance of my mother’s hometown. I remember her and her sisters describing the fields of flowers they would play in; the dramatic dresses, with frilly socks dawned on Sunday’s. That feeling of community and fellowship still exists on the southwest coast of Haiti.  Jeremie, is the strength of community.


Samdi Matin: was created in memory of my big brother. I remember waking up on Saturday mornings, cleaning the house from top to bottom; music blasting from the stereo, and my brother singing and dancing with the mop, as my mother yells for us to stop playing. Samdi Matin, is happiness and love.


Jacmel Sunset: was created from sweet memories of mission trips to Haiti and long car rides through the mountains with my entire family. I can see the beautiful palm trees, fields of fruits and plantains, lush green lands, and gorgeous blue waters glitter as the sun begins to set on the marvelous lands. Jacmel Sunset, is home.

I hope our scents bring you grounding.  I pray the aromas fill your home and take you on your own journey toward happiness, love, and community.  May you develop your own self-care rituals on Sunday, and everyday!   I hope the comfort of the aromas wrap you in purpose, luxury, and healing; as they’ve done for me.

With love,


Founder & Creator of This Is How I Sunday

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